Basic config
Here's how to configure the bot on your discord server!

Config the guild language

Good to know: You can also decide whether or not users can be translated (with their own configuration)
For config language of the guild (which allows messages to be translated via interactions if the member has not configured a language), make /config and select guild option, then write the language you want (for see all aviable lang, run this command: /langue).

Configure your language

Make /config command and select user option, then write your language

Configure auto-translation

For configure auto-translation, run this command: /auto and write the options you want that is:
  • concerns: who is affected by this command? It can be the a specific channel or yourself (user).
  • enable (True for enable, False for disable): enable or disable auto-translation. This deactivates what you have previously selected (for the channel, you must be in the relevant channel)
  • lang (you can get all language with this command: /langue): the language in which the messages will be translated.
  • delete original message (True or False): delete the original message
  • style: select the style of the message, weebhook or embed.
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Config the guild language
Configure your language
Configure auto-translation